BLOOM | Portraits of Young Chinese Artists 

The young generation of chinese artists born in the 1980’s emerged in a whirlwind of modernity and economic frenzy. They are new spirits yearning to capture the essence of their world, their epoch and their reality.

The webseries BLOOM  is an exploration of this
 new artistic dynamic. BLOOM explores how they relate the contemporary world and how these relationships are reflected in their art. Rather than offer a collective portrait of this new generation or to describe a particular trend, each episode is intended to reflect Chinese contemporary society, by showing the singularity of these 10 artists and their multiform approaches, techniques, style and means of expression.


 # C H E N   W E I   

Chen Wei opened for us the doors of his studio for a day, watch the full episode on our account to discover his works and learn more about this emergent and talented artist.

Chen Wei brilliantly uses the medium of photography and constructs personal-psychological and societal-structural narratives evoking memories and dreams. Meticulously constructed and assembled inside his studio,  every image is a fiction and a story in itself. 

His multimedia works revolve between experimental illusion and the quotidian realities of contemporary society. In the fictional scenes of objects, interiors and nocturnal cityscapes, Chen exposes the psychological and socio-political characters of contemporary China.


 # YE  FUNA 

Born in 1986 in Kunming,  Ye Funa is among the younger generation of contemporary Chinese artists. Ye Funa’s works are rich in reference and irony and politically charged and subtly engaged in pastiche as a satirizing style of propaganda. ▫️

Her practice, which often embeds social media and Internet culture,  is concerned with the relationship between the realities of everyday life and the growing trend of globalization. ▫️
Her works is also inspired and shaped by the connection between authority and many areas of social life such as different power structure, ethnic groups, the concept of 'perfection’ in an ideological system and the fictional space of propaganda. ▫️