Our Mission 

Established in 2017, FRESH ART FROM CHINA is a media art agency which promotes Chinese Contemporary Art Scene. Our main mission is to bring a fresh perspective to its actuality, its scene, and its evolution by presenting a selection of the best of the Chinese contemporary art and of the Chinese artists in Europe.

FRESH ART FROM CHINA provides project management services including curation, artist management, production, and
exhibitions & performance management. We offer a wide range of services for different kinds of organization and assist with all aspects of the artistic process and manage projects from start to finish. Through working with collaborators and a strong network in Chinese art field , FRESH ART FROM CHINA produces pop up exhibitions and events in public spaces to introduce the community to Chinese Contemporary Art Scene. FRESH ART FROM CHINA also works with local institutions  to provide workshops, seminars and conferences to expose the younger generation to the latest developments in the chinese contemporary art scene. 


Who are we ? 

Marine Decottignies 
Founder & Director 

Since her youngest age, Marine has been passionate about China, its language, its culture and its art scene. After spending a few years in Beijing and learning Chinese, she wrote a thesis about Chinese Contemporary Art. Thus began her love affair with Chinese Art. Her professional experiences allowed her to take on many responsibilities and to be at the heart of major cultural and artistic events in museums, galleries, art fair, and art foundation. Gratuated from Sciences Po in Cultural Management, Marine Decottignies is actually Chinese art project manager and also Art Fair Manager. She is always hardworking and eager to promote young chinese artists. 

Julie Dunkelmann
Film maker & Video Editor 

Passionate about image for more than 10 years, Julie acquires experience in various audiovisual agencies as a production assistant. In 2017, she embarked on the realization and obtained her diploma of Audiovisual Technician.

His attraction to the image and his curiosity for the Chinese contemporary scene will lead him to a simple idea: to realize in partnership with Marine, his first web-series "
Bloom "in Beijing.